Leopard Lovin’

Leopard Lovin’

Alright people, It is NO SURPRISE that I am SO into this years trend of pops of leopard! This trend comes around every few years and lets be honest, It never leaves my wardrobe! As long as you know how to rock it, DO IT!


This open cardigan is one of my favorites!!! You literally can pair it with ANYTHING! Dress is up, dress is down!

Grab yours here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G6279YJ/?ref=exp_beautycrazytoni_lv_dp_vv_d

A good denim shirt goes well with anything, especially that leopard!! I got this leopard skirt a few years ago at Target! Let’s see if I can find one similar for you!

Try out this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HGTYXY7/?ref=exp_beautycrazytoni_lv_dp_vv_d&th=1

I am on the look out for some cute leopard booties! They literally GO WITH EVERYTHING! Add a pop of fun to any outfit! Jeans to skirts to whatever you want!! These booties are on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074XH6FZL/ref=twister_B07CQSHSR3

Now are you ready for THIS?!?! THIS! This is my most favorite dress!! I actually bought it to be my Christmas dress this year and wore it to The Nutcracker with my family! It is this MOST comfortable and soft maxi dress EVER! I have purchased SO many dresses and things from this site!

Grab your BRIGITTE BRIANNA V-NECK MAXI DRESS from https://www.sexymodest.com/products/brigitte-brianna-v-neck-maxi?variant=13549860225090

It comes in other colors as well!

What one of my favorite things about out Nutcracker day, I did my makeup at 11am and had an ugly sweater party at 7pm. No touch ups necessary, My makeup stayed ALL DAY and was pleasantly surprised!! With such a busy day, makeup and go!! Nothing better!!

And not to TOOT MY OWN HORN buuuuuuut, WINNER WINNER!!!!

Enjoy your Holiday preparations friends and a lot of these tips can be applied to those certain people in your lives, GIFT ON!!!