Here we go! Hold on, its going to get CRAZY

I have wanted to start a blog, website, my own personal place to write and do whatever the heck I want, for years now! So, I’m doing it!

I have always had a love for all things beauty, all things fun and crazy, all things that I could share and recommend and shout to everyone “Try this! Or, do this!” I find it easier when I have a friend tell me, genuinely, how much they love something or loved doing something. That’s essentially what this website is for me, what this website is for you! A place for beauty, a place for fun and of course, with me involved, it will undoubtedly be crazy.

I cannot wait to share tips and tricks associated with whatever the heck I have up my sleeve for the month, for the week, and let’s be honest for the freaking day!! Whether that’s a project I’m working on, makeup I’m in love with, family/kid stuff that may even help you, or just a fun or crazy idea I might have. You just never know what will come out of this brain and mouth of mine! Sorry about that!

If you are ready to play along in this journey, I’m so excited to start, come on then!! Welcome to Crazy, Beautiful with Toni.