Quick & Easy Messy Bun!

Is this how you think you look with a messy bun?!  Do you look at other girls cute buns on their heads and think, “How the crap do they do that?”  Let me show you how to do it! AND, its SUPER easy!!! Seriously, ANYONE can do it!

Watch my tutorial below and leave a comment if you have any questions



Halloween Makeup Tutorial- Harley Quin

🃏♥️♣️♦️♠️”I don’t go crazy. I am crazy, I just go normal from time to time.”♠️♦️♣️♥️🃏
-Harley Quin

This was SUCH a FUN look to do!

I was recording during a LIVE Facebook tutorial I had going on, so that’s who I’m talking to! I hope you enjoy it! It’s a LONG tutorial but feel free to skip around and don’t mind if I get a little CRAZY! Do you know what you are being for Halloween? Do  you need help how to do your makeup? Tell me in the comments! Also, any suggestions for my upcoming looks?! There are still a few weeks left before Halloween, so let me know!



Effortless Wavy Hairstyle

I will literally do ANYTHING to NOT “do” my hair!

Let me tell you a little bit about my hair… (sounds so fun, right?!?)

It’s THICK and course. I have friends who once asked me about the texture of my hair and I said “it’s course”, they said “you mean Horse?!?” Then proceeded to whiney and neigh like a freaking horse! Yep! true story. It is very dry as well. I can go daaaaaays with out washing my hair. In fact, I think my record is 11 days of not washing my hair! Gross or genius?? Freaking genius, I say!

To get a good beachy wavy hair look, my most favorite and EFFORTLESS way to do it is with BRAIDS! Depending on the look you are looking for (ie: tight/smaller waves, big/loose waves) depends on your braid size and placement. I have a more center hair part so I like to do one bigger braid down the middle and then one on each side of that. Two braids will give you bigger/looser waves but to get the body I wanted, I did it this way! Smaller the braid, tighter the wave. Get it???

I take a shower at night, towel dry my hair and proceed to do my braids. If you have REALLY REALLY thick hair you might want your hair to dry a little bit more and not be too wet. You don’t want to wake up with wet hair that doesn’t hold and wasted all that “effortless” time!  It might take a couple times to figure out what braids and how wet/dry your hair should be.

Another HUGE TIP


Use your fingers to gently pull the braids apart and just finger brush your hair. NO BRUSH NEEDED!!!

Also, the other MAJOR factor in keeping a hairstyle and long lasting, no hair washing-ness, last the longest…the SECRET WEAPON….PINEAPPLE-ING!!

Never heard of it? I will tell you all my deepest darkest secrets of the “PINEAPPLE-ING”! Next time! Stay tuned my lovelies!



Makeover Monday

I LOVE Makeover Mondays!!! I absolutely LOVE to have people in my home and talk to them about their makeup routine, skin type and everything that goes along with doing a makeover! 

I have been doing and playing with makeup since a very young age! I grew up dancing so I had to wear makeup (thinks LOTS and LOTS of GLITTER!!!) and would be put in charge of doing makeup for other girls, ALL THE TIME. I loved it! I still do!

I started working with MaskCara Beauty 1 year ago! I have NEVER regretted my decision! I love playing makeup with friends, doing hair and makeup for Proms and Homecomings, now I get to teach and share my love of makeup for others to enjoy too! Not only that but it is the BEST makeup for us BUSY MOMS!! Hands Down!
This statement sums it up PERFECTLY!!! I truly believe that. Helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them BELIEVE they are beautiful is LIFE CHANGING!! MaskCara Beauty was founded on the idea that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman’s face, rather than covering it up.

Not only is it nice to have people come over to play makeup, BUT with the internet and social media these days I’ve color matched ladies with just a selfie they send or DM me! It’s AWESOME! I go back and forth with each girl and talk specifically  to them about their worries or things they need help with!

Our faces are NOT one dimensional and your makeup shouldn’t be either. That is a WHOLE ‘NOTHER post in itself! Highlighting and Contouring, MADE EASY!!

More MAKEOVER MONDAYS to come!!!

Gypsy inspired Halloween makeup




“She dances to the songs in her head, Speaks with the rhythm of her heart, and Loves from the depths of her soul.” 

Every week in October, I am doing some fun Halloween looks! I started with this ‘Gypsy’ Inspired look! It was such a fun look to accomplish!! Nothing like a messy, yet perfectly placed smokey eye and dripping in golden jewelry to bring the look together! What are some looks you want to see this October?? 

-Stay tuned next week for more HALLOWEEN looks!-